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  • 2022 • Harzie Pulls the Trigger (short story)
  • A werewolf’s job as an escort brings her enough money to buy an expensive tool: a silver bullet.
  • Published in L is for Lycans.
  • 2021 • Hackergirl (short story)
  • When she was a teenager, Pam found that one of her online friends had a dark secret. Now she’s an adult, and her former acquaintance has come back for her…
  • Published in I is for Internet.
  • 2020 • The House of Joy (short story)
  • Joy, the Bear and the Blue Creature serve one purpose alone: to entertain the children who tune in to watch them. One morning, however, they receive a delivery that makes Joy question to nature of her existence.
  • Published in The Bumper Book of British Bizarro


  • 2019 • Devil’s Advocates: The Mummy
  • Universal’s 1932 film The Mummy was inspired initially by the discovery of Tutankhamun’s resting place and sensationalistic rumours of a curse, but during its development it also drew upon an established tradition of horror literature, one almost as old as the Western pursuit of Egyptology. This book analyses the roots of The Mummy, discussing the film in relation to the work of writers such as Bram Stoker, Arthur Conan Doyle and H. Rider Haggard, whose tales of living mummies, immortal sorcerers and Egyptian mysticism bear strong resemblances to Universal’s movie.
  • One of a series of volumes analysing classic horror films.
  • “Informative with a welcome lack of academic dryness… I highly recommend it.” (Josh Reynolds, Dark Arts Journal)
  • “Sutherland writes clear and concise prose with an obvious passionate zeal for her subject, making this an easily accessible and pleasant to read reference book… really covers everything that you could possibly want to know.” (John Upton, Frightfest)
  • “The author’s familiarity with ancient Egypt/Egyptology ensures comprehensive scrutiny… the topic of verisimilitude throughout The Mummy is approached by Sutherland with wit.” (Thomas Wilson, Supernatural Studies)


  • Midnight Widows2017-2021 • Midnight Widows
  • When the Count was slain, his brides were freed.
  • Issue 1 serialised in Belladonna magazine from May to December 2017, collected in 2020; issue 2 published in 2021. Created in collaboration with Marcela Hauptvogelova and other artists. More issues forthcoming…
  • “An interesting and well-paced vampire tale” (Laura Smith, Horror Screams Video Vault)
  • “There’s a lot of story to fit in so to get the pacing spot-on is certainly commendable… an enjoyable series so far” (Benjamin Williams, Comic Book News UK)
  • 2018 • Pale Horse Polly
  • Not even the zombie apocalypse can bring an end to supermarket queues or clogged toilets.
  • Ran in the January-February and March-April 2018 issues of Belladonna magazine.

TV tie-ins

  • 2022 • Doctor Who: Redacted: Ghosts (audio drama)
  • Cleo’s investigation into a spate of bizarre disappearances takes her back to her childhood home.
  • 2022 • Crusade (Survivors novel)
  • The survivors are usually prepared to welcome strangers into their community. But when members of a dangerous sect turn up in a double-decker bus on a crusade, a tense power struggle with a cunning new opponent results in murder and betrayal. Will Abby be forced to leave her friends and everything they have built in their community? Or can the residents of the Grange discover the importance of their own faith in each other?
  • An original story based on the 1975-7 series Survivors. Available as an audiobook-only release read by Carolyn Seymour.
  • “Doris V. Sutherland has immersed herself in the timeline, plot points and rhythms of the 1975 series of Survivors… the kind of grown-up and probing storytelling for which the series’ setting is so conducive.” (Rich Cross, Survivors: A World Away)
  • “Compellng… a tense game of cat and mouse.”(Ian McArdell, IndieMacUser)
  • 2021 • The Evolving Dead (Doctor Who audio drama)
  • The dead stalk the corridors of research station Romeo. For a technician (dead) and her ex-boyfriend (also dead), the Doctor’s their only chance to escape. For the rest of the crew, he’s their only chance to feed.
  • Part of the four-episode box set The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Volume 2.
  • “[Jacob] Dudman captures with panache the Eleventh Doctor’s quirky vocal mannerisms, and Sutherland provides some laugh-out-loud lines that offset the whole walking-undead storyline.” (Lachlan Haycock, We made This Network)
  • “Avita Jay is wonderful as the guiding and unnerving Evo… Ayesha Antoine and Tom Alexander likewise give a great energy to a pacey script that captures the spirit of this era quite well.” (Kyle, Doctor Who Reviews)
  • 2020 • Divinity (Omega Factor novel)
  • When Tom Crane is sent to the sleepy village of Coldad to investigate a poltergeist, he expects to uncover nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Then the terrified Wright family invite him to spend the night in their haunted house, and he gets to experience the unsettling phenomenon at a closer range than he might have liked. The investigation takes an even more personal turn when Anne Reynolds turns up an old interview, hidden on a dusty cassette in the Department’s archives. Who was Margaret Grange, and why was Department 7 so interested in her life story? And could Coldad have a sinister connection with Edward Drexel, the evil magician who killed Tom’s wife?
  • An original story based on the 1979 television series The Omega Factor. Available as an audiobook-only release read by Louise Jameson.
  • “Doris V Sutherland’s novel conjures up the world of The Omega Factor very recognisably, and her realisation of the show’s main players is on point… All of this drama unfolds at an absorbing pace that allows an appropriately oppressive atmosphere to pervade proceedings.” (Rich Cross, Cultbox)
  • 2019 • Clear History (Doctor Who audio drama)
  • The people of Civitas-G have retreated into an idyllic recreation of their homeworld. And they’re refusing to believe that it is now breaking down.
  • Part of the four-episode box set The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume Five: Buried Memories.
  • “Doris V Sutherland’s story deals with the implications of changing and editing history, and how its narrative can impact society, [with] a satisfying sci-fi explanation” (Ian McArdell, Cultbox)
  • “‘Clear History’ is made far more resonant by the fact that current world affairs also see the truth being stretched… [the story] allows Warner, Summerfield, and the supporting cast an opportunity to shine and again unfolds at a great pace” (Kyle, Doctor Who Reviews)
  • “It has not only a really cool sci-fi idea, but as with the best stories it has an amazing human drama at its centre” (Doctor Squee, Krypton Radio)
  • 2018 • The Bunny’s Curse (Doctor Who short story)
  • Years before she met the Doctor, Bernice Summerfield was a teenage cadet at the Sapcefleet Academy — and one who drew the short straw in terms of mechanical suits. Forced to pilot an embarrassing-looking exoskeleton, Bernice visits a planet where her appearance has an unexpected effect on a long-dead inhabitant.
  • Published in the Doctor Who spin-off anthology Bernice Summerfield: In Time.
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