Midnight Widows

When the Count was slain, his brides were freed…

Midnight Widows is a comic series that I’m writing, with a team of artists led by Marcela Hauptvogelova illustrating. The first two issues are currently available to purchase.

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The story so far…

Issue 1: My Master the Count
One of Britain’s most notorious serial killers has returned from the dead. Edith, Kateryna and Gabriela are the ones who must hunt him down.
Script: Doris V. Sutherland. Pencils: Rosie Wigg and Doris V. Sutherland. Inks/colours: Marcela Hauptvogelova. Cover: Delia Mihai.

Issue 2: With Brooding Wings
Edith and Gabriela reminisce about a conflict that occurred in Berlin a century ago.
Script/inks: Doris V. Sutherland. Pencils/cover/colour assist: Marcela Hauptvogelova. Colours: Jio Butler. Letters: Rob Jones.

Issue 3: Coming to Get You (Forthcoming)
Two more serial killers are back from the dead and on the tail of the Widows. Along the way, they learn of the exploits shared by Edith, Kateryna and Gabriela over the past decades.
Script: Doris V. Sutherland. Art team: TBC

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