Looking Back at G. Willow Wilson’s Wonder Woman Run


If you’re a subscriber to the Women Write About Comics Patreon, you can access my deep dive into G. Willow Wilson’s recently-concluded run as Wonder Woman author, in which I examine her use of mythology, her treatment of themes such as gender, and how her take stacks up to her beloved run on Ms. Marvel. If you’re not a subscriber, well, here’s an excerpt you can peek at before you pop in some cash to read the whole thing!

The House of Eddas: Journey Into Mystery #96 and Avengers #1

Journey_into_Mystery_Vol_1_96Greetings! It’s time for another trip back in time to see what the Norse god of thunder was up to in the 1960s, thanks to the Marvel Bullpen transforming this ancient heathen deity into a four-colour hero for the kids. This time I’ve got a two-in-one, starting with the story in the September 1963 issue of Journey Into Mystery:  “Defying the Magic of… Mad Merlin!” As its title suggests, this tale pits Thor against a character from a different body of legend…

The story begins with Don Blake returning to his surgery after saving a bus as Thor – only to get scolded by Jane Foster for running out while fluoroscoping a patient. Such are the woes that come with keeping a secret identity.

P1060076 - Copy

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How I Spent January 2020

DorisJan20This year, I’m making an effort to step up my organisational skills. I set myself a to-do list for January, and lo and behold, I’ve fulfilled my duty. I can look back at the items on that list and — with my hands on my hips and my jaw cocked at a confident angle — say, “I’ve done all ten of you.”

So, that’s the first original essay for Thoughts and Fears done; another chunk of my novel polished off; a draft completed for a new short story; and a few other bits and pieces, including the latest posts in my Charlee Jacob and Amazing Stories retrospectives. Not a bad month, all in all.

And I’ve sorted out another list for February. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’d better get going…

Articles of mine posted elsewhere this month:

Article topics for February and beyond:


January 2020: A Month in Horror

It’s been a fairly quiet month for horror. Well, there was a controversy over tweets made by Stephen King in reference to diversity at the Oscars, but nothing quite on the scale of the ChiZine furore that broke out late last year. So, let us take a gentle stroll through the occurrences of note in the first month of 2020…

Dracula - episode 1

I’m in a slightly awkward position writing this, a number of the highest-profile horror releases of the month are ones I haven’t actually managed to watch yet.

First we have the three-part Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss reimagining of Dracula. Some liked it, some loathed it; as a person who enjoys a bit of Moffat-Gatiss, I suspect I’ll be in the former camp when I’m able to give it a watch. Then we have The Lighthouse, The Turning and Underwater — not to mention The Colour Out of Space, which isn’t even out in the UK until next month. Oh well.

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