A Long Year’s Dreaming: March 2023 Progress Report


Do you hear the noise? It’s the sound of a blockage being cleared and a free flow beginning. My book A Long Year’s Dreaming: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in 2020 has taken rather longer than I would’ve liked to finish, but I’ve made heavy progress and I’m confident that, over the next few weeks, a healthy chunk of the chapters will be moving from the “WIP” to the “complete” folder.

Completed articles:

  • Bang in the Coffin: Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s Dracula
  • Copter Crash: Isabel Fall and the Transgender SF Controversy
  • Prophets of Doom: Did these Authors Predict COVID-19?
  • The Last Laugh: Animated Films Before the Pandemic
  • Coronaphobia: Horror Films in Lockdown
  • 2020 A.D.: Reviving the British Anthology Comic
  • Broken Futures: Iron Man 2020
  • Weird Streets: N. K. Jemisin’s The City We Became
  • Investing in the Gods: Jiang Ziya and the Fengshen Cinematic Universe
  • Wit, Weirdness and Warped Ethics: Megan Giddings’ Lakewood
  • Cannibal Women, Laughing Lords and Ownvoices Iconoclasm
  • First Lady: Lilith as Icon of 2020
  • Out with the Old and into the Sun: The 2020 Hugo Awards
  • Dragons and Death Cults: The 2020 Dragon Awards
  • For Better or Worse, the Film of the Year: Tenet
  • Huns, Rouran and Uyghurs: Mulan goes to Xianjiang
  • Untitled Last Emperox Essay
  • Aquaman’s Architect: Robson Rocha in Memoriam
  • Ghosts of Christmas Present
  • The Year We Had No Heroes, Except for This Lot: Superhero Films in 2020
  • American Wats: The Superman Family in 2020
  • Do Black Lives Matter to a Green Lantern? Far Sector
  • Gangland Dreamland: Batman in 2020
  • Am I Dreaming Now? Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga
  • Blue Veins: Vampires in 2020
  • Untitled essay about children’s literary adaptations
  • Untitled essay on haunted houses and stuff
  • Short Capes: Two Superhero Novelettes

Work-in-progress articles:

  • Red Brains: Zombies in 2020
  • MAGA 2020 and Begone: The Strange World of Trumpist SF
  • Franchised Fears: The Year’s Horror Reboots
  • Hill House: DC Horror Comics Post-Vertigo
  • Cyborg und Hausmartian: Remixing Fairy Tales
  • It Could be Worse: Dystopian Fiction
  • Dragons, Demons and Anime Adventures
  • Viral Stories: COVID-19 Fiction Anthologies
  • Untitled Doctor Who Essay
  • Untitled Ghost-Spider Essay
  • Untitled Dorohedoro/BNA essay
  • The Onscreen Apocalypses of 2020
  • Untitled essay on prestige animated features
  • Untitled Only Good Indians/Night of the Mannequins essay
  • Untitled Hugo novella essay
  • Untitled Operation Thunder Child essay
  • Fire Before Plague: Oz is Burning
  • Untitled Black Sun essay
  • Die essay
  • Hardly a Modest Proposal: The Hunt
  • The Old Guard review

Articles I’m still considering:

  • Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick review
  • More Marvel superhero stuff
  • I Am Not Starfire review
  • Something splatterpunk-related
  • Big Girl essay
  • Space Force essay
  • Palm Springs review
  • Something about short-form animation
  • Something about Bill and Ted Face the Music that may or may not also cover Ready Player Two
  • Night of the Kings review
  • Nine Days review
  • Possessor review

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