Out Now: P is for Poltergeist, Featuring My Story TRANSGEF


P is for Poltergeist, the latest instalment in Red Cape’s A-Z of Horror series, is out today! I’ve got a story in the anthology by the name of Transgef. Here’s a quick synopsis:

If adolescent girls attract poltergeist activity, then what kind of poltergeist might visit a transgender adolescent? A single mother finds out as the legend of Gef the Talking Mongoose is updated for the era of rapid-onset gender dysphoria.

Pick up the book and you’ll also get twelve stone-chuckin’, door-knockin’, false-vocal-cord rattlin’ stories by Stephen Loiaconi, Pauline E. Dungate, Michael Gore, Bob Johnson, Jay Kleem, Sarah Jan Huntington, Malina Douglas, Connor Mellegers, Nicole Iversen, Paul Lonardo, Christopher Pate and Daniel R Robichaud.

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