Three New Stories for 2023

I’m pleased to announce that, over the next few months, you’ll be seeing me in three all-new fiction anthologies.

First off we have P is for Poltergeist from Red Cape Publishing, which includes my story Transgef. I was inspired by the saga of Gef the Talking Mongoose, but time’s moved on and Gef has turned up in a very different social climate: if adolescent girls attract poltergeists. Then what sort of poltergeist might a transgender adolescent attract…?

P is for Poltergeist is out 24 February and also features stories by Stephen Loiaconi, Pauline E. Dungate, Michael Gore, Bob Johnson, Jay Kleem, Sarah Jane Huntington, Malina Douglas, Connor Mellegers, Nicole Iversen, Paul Lonardo, Christopher Pate and Daniel R. Robichaud.

Next is Tales from the Clergy from October Nights Press This features my story Her True Calling, about one woman’s battle against a fanatical religious sect. All of the stories in the anthology are inspired by songs from the band Ghost — mine vibes with “Call Me Little Sunshine” — but I’m hoping that even those unfamiliar with the group will find something to enjoy.

Tales from the Clergy is scheduled for a summer release and will also include stories by Brian Smith, Pedro Iniguez, M. Wesley Corie II, Michael Balletti, Michael Paige, Vivian R Kasley, Everett C. Baudean, David West, Colt Skinner, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Jo Kaplan, Robert Bagnall and Mackenzie Hurlbert.

Finally, we have my latest contribution to the Doctor Who universe. Operation Fall-Out is an anthology of linked stories focusing on the exploits of the Brigadier and his UNIT colleagues; my story, The Four Callers, introduces an all-new character in Lance Corporal Mary Savage. Her job at UNIT is to answer telephone calls from the public — a role that turns out to have more intrigue to it than might be expected.

Operation Fall-Out is available for pre-order and its line-up includes Gary J Mack, James Hornby, Jamie Hailstone, Tessa North, Matthew Griffiths, Matthew Kresal and Tim Gambrell.  See the official press release for more information on the stories and comments from all of the writers.

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