I’m in The Vampiricon


I’m happy to say that I’ve made it into The Vampiricon Imaginings & Images of the Vampire, a new anthology of fiction, poetry, articles and artwork from Mind’s Eye Publications.

My contribution is an essay called “The Blind Bard and the Pre-Polidori Vampire”. The topic is an 1810 poem by John Stagg which hits many now-familiar beats of vampire literature — despite being published nine years before John Polidori’s “The Vampyre”, the story that defined the genre.

The other contributors are editor Frank Coffman; writers Russell Hemmell, Shawn D. Brink, F. J. Bergman, Amelia Gorman, Brian Rosenberger, Melissa Pleckha, Delaney L. Mathrw, Bruce Boston, Estelle Wallis, John Grey, Nadia Schafer, James Dorr, John H. Dromey, Sarah Cannavo,  Scott H. Couturier, Tom Coombe, Vonne Winslow Crist, Amanda M. Blake, John Joseph Ryan, Kyla Lee Ward, Michelle St. James, Christian Ruley, Manuel Arenas, Liam Hogan, Ngo Binh Anh Khoa, Harris Coverley, Gordon Linzner, DJ Tyrer, Alicia Hilton, Colin Leonard, Kevin Brown, Anna Cates, Anna Taborska, Max Turner, LJ Jacobs, Cathy Fiorello, Karian Markos, Adam Bolivar, Sandy DeLuca, Russell Hemmell, Helen Mihajlovic, AE Stueve, Colleen Anderson, Harris Coverley, Renee Cronley, Kevin Patrick McCabbm, John A. DeLaughter, Edward Ahern, Sean Ferrier-Watson, Carl E. Reed, Denise Dumars, Joe Giordano, Chris Tattersall, Michele Cacano and Brandon Barrows; and artists Marge Simon, Brian Quinn, Paula Hammond, Kristin Fouquet, Shikhar Dixit and Angela Patera.

The Vampiricon can be bought as a paperback from Lulu; currently, there is no ebook edition available. You can also pick up the previous book in the series — The Gargoylicon: Imaginings and Images of the Gargoyle in Literature and Art (The Phantomicon and The Lycanthropicon are due to follow).

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