Doctor Who: Redacted — Ghosts


My episode of Doctor Who: Redacted is now live on BBC Sounds, and I’m extremely happy with how the cast and crew brought my script to life. You can check the episode out here; and if you haven’t jumped on board yet, the first episode is here.

It was roughly this time last year that I took part in the Redacted Zoom writers’ room after lead writer Juno Dawson and director-producer Ella Watts decided to give me a chance, and I’m proud to have been a part of the project with such lovely people.

Ulula’s Back Where She Belongs


I originally joined the Women Write About Comics crew back in 2015, and my first project for the site was a series on the Italian erotic-horror comic Ulula. Alas, technical issues led to the articles being, for all intents and purposes, purged from the site.

But now, at long last, Ulula is back at WWAC! My first two posts in the series have been merged into a single article available to all subscribers of the site’s Patreon. If you would like a preview before you commit, here you go. As a warning: werewolves have rarely been quite so NSFW…

“The Night Sun” by Zin E. Rocklyn (2021 Ignyte Awards)

“The Night Sun” can be read online at

Avery is trapped in a relationship with her abusive husband Jonas. Their marriage at breaking point, they make a last-ditch attempt to repair things with a vacation to a remote cabin situated at an idyllic lakeside locale, with seemingly nobody but state trooper Bruce Hayword and ambulance technician Casimiro in the vicinity. In theory, the cabin offers a chance to escape the stresses, strains and anxieties of the couple’s daily life; in practice, however, Jonas’ violent tendencies flare up even as he and Avery are driving to their destination.

Moreover, spending time in the cabin does little to help Avery to forget her troubled past. She is still haunted by recollections of her mother, and guilt over the latter’s death by aneurism. Her sister Kaya is another lingering presence. When Kaya makes a phonecall, Avery is unable to tell the little white lie that the retreat is working, and still more bad memories are dredged up:

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Werewolf Wednesday: Elliott O’Donnell Goes to Spain (1912)

And so we come to chapter 12 of Elliott O’Donnell’s 1912 book Werwolves: “The Werewolf in Spain”. The author opens with another helping of dubiously-sourced lore:

Werwolves are, perhaps, rather less common in Spain than in any other part of Europe. They are there almost entirely confined to the mountainous regions (more particularly to the Sierra de Guadarrama, the Cantabrian, and the Pyrenees), and are usually of the male species. Generally speaking the property of lycanthropy in Spain appears to be hereditary; and, as one would naturally expect in a country so pronouncedly Roman Catholic, to rid the lycanthropist of his unenviable property it is the custom to resort to exorcism. Though they are extremely rare, both flowers and streams possessing the power of transmitting the property of werwolfery are to be found in the Cantabrian mountains and the Pyrenees. And in Spain, as in Austria-Hungary, precious stones—particularly rubies—not [195]infrequently, and often with disastrous results, attract the werwolf.

After this introduction comes the latest of O’Donnell’s allegedly true narratives. This is set in September 1853 and deals with a “rich, idle, sleek” young man named Paul Nicholas, who travels from Paris to Pamplona and stays at l’Hôtel Hervada. Here, he becomes infatuated with a beautiful woman named Isabelle de Nurrez; but the lady apparently has eyes only for “a very commonplace, middle-aged gentleman with hardly a hair on his head and a paunch that was voted quite disgusting.”

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