Sentinel Issue 11


The good people behind indie comic Sentinel have sent me a preview copy of the next issue. Regular writer Alan Holloway returns, and is joined by artist Ian Beadle (who previously drew the Gothic horror story “Misty Moore” for a previous issue) and letterer Ed Doyle.

The latest story is “Dark Matter”, and there’s no high concept to speak of — it’s simply a straightforward space opera romp designed to take the reader back to the British comics of the 1980s. Its main reference point is Starblazer, and it once again does a top-class job of recreating the spirit of that title. This issue introduces an all-new set of characters, armed with everything from laser guns to psychically-generated knives, and led by a badass who will let nothing get between him and his kitty.

If you’d like to know more, keep an eye on the official Sentinel Twitter feed for details.

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