A Long Year’s Dreaming: February Progress Report

I’m still devoting a chunk of my day-to-day free time to my essay collection A Long Year’s Dreaming: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror in 2020, which I’m hoping to publish this year. I’ve narrowed down the list of remaining novels that I hope to cover, and planning to get my teeth stuck into the films of 2020; I’ve tackled msot of the blockbusters, so now it’s time for the lesser-known releases to receive their due.

Most importantly, I’m happy to announced that all proceeds from the book will go to MSF UK, the British branch of Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders). This was my hope from the start of the project, but I’ve only recently obtained the necessary permission to confirm that it will be the case.

Here’s a stil-incomplete (but slightly longer than last time) list of essays you’ll be finding in the book when it’s finished:

  • Bang in the Coffin: Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s Dracula
  • Copter Crash: Isabel Fall and the Transgender SF Controversy
  • Prophets of Doom: Did these Authors Predict COVID-19?
  • The Last Laugh: Animated Films Before the Pandemic
  • Coronaphobia: Horror Films in Lockdown
  • 2020 A.D.: Reviving the British Anthology Comic
  • Broken Futures: Iron Man 2020
  • The Year we Had No Heroes, Except for This Lot: Superhero Films in 2020
  • Investing in the Gods: Jiang Ziya and the Fengshen Cinematic Universe
  • Wit, Weirdness and Warped Ethics: Megan Giddings’ Lakewood
  • Cannibal Women, Laughing Lords and Ownvoices Iconoclasm
  • First Lady: Lilith as Icon of 2020
  • Out with the Old and into the Sun: The 2020 Hugo Awards
  • Dragons and Death Cults: The 2020 Dragon Awards
  • Red Brains: Zombies in 2020
  • Blue Veins: Vampires in 2020
  • MAGA 2020 and Beneath: The Strange World of Trumpist SF
  • For Better or Worse, the Film of the Year: Tenet
  • Huns, Rouran and Uyghurs: Mulan goes to Xianjiang
  • Untitled Last Emperox Essay
  • From Smashing the Klan to Killing Jimmy Olsen: The Superman Family in 2020
  • Untitled Doctor Who Essay
  • Aquaman’s Architect: Robson Rocha in Memoriam
  • Ghosts of Christmas Present

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