My Most Popular Posts of 2021

I just took a quick look at my statistics, and found that these were the most-viewed posts I published at my blog during 2021:

1) On Neon Yang’s Toxic Reputation
Well, this post went viral more than almost anything I’ve ever written before, and recently received a boost in hits after the controversy I covered was invoked by a certain YouTuber.

2) The Slob by Aron Beauregard (2021 Splatterpunk Awards)
This received more hits than any other book review I posted at my blog, and the margin wasn’t even close. Assuming that the post wasn’t hit by a swarm of bots, Aron Beauregard’s humble small-press horror novel must have been a big hit. Good for him!

3) Baen’s Bar: The Utterly Incompetent Case for the Defence
I wrote multiple posts about the controversy over violent political rhetoric at the Baen Books forum, but this was the only one about the crux of the issue (the others were about a series of attacks on a particular short story that got caught up in the mess).

4) MAGA 2020 & Beyond Part 1: Walls, Revolutions and Zombie Voters
Huh, was it really only this year that I ran my multi-post review series on this less-than-prophetic anthology of right-wing SF? Seems longer. Oh well. The first post was unsurprisingly the most-viewed.

5) Thoughts on the 2021 Hugo Finalists
i suspect people found this while trying to find a list of the finalists on Google.

6) Samuel Collingwood Smith vs Jason Sanford: Right Wing SF/F Goes Full Mary Whitehouse
This was the first of my posts on the Baen’s Bar controversy, and like most of them, it’s specifically concerned with an effort by Baen supports to defame JAson Sanford over an extremely mild horror story.

7) War of Dictates by John Baltisberger (2021 Splatterpunk Awards)
Another entry in my series of Splatterpunk Award reviews.

8) Does Looking at Manga Boobies Give You Demons?
Yes, this was seriously suggested in a certain corner of the blogosphere, and I had the pleasure of covering the whole strange story…

9) Divided we Fall Part 1: Mormons, Marines and a Torn-Up Trump
Hot on the tails of covering MAGA 2020 & Beyond, I covered its spiritual successor Divided we Fall.

10) More Hand-Wringing on the Torture Bus
Finally, to round off the top 10 here’s another post about the attacks on the Jason Sanford story. FWIW, the next three posts on the lsit are all about MAGA 2020 & Beyond and Divided we Fall.

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