Werewolf Wednesday: Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf by George W. M. Reynolds (1846-7) Part 26

Chaptee 62 of Wagner, the Wehr-Wolf opens with the poorly Francisco being given a goblet containing the “medicament of Christian Rosencrux”, which does a good job of improving his health. He feels better still when Fernand Wagner turns up to inform him that his beloved Flora shall soon be rescued. The mood around the city, however, is generally less bright:

It was verging toward the hour of sunset, the 2d of October, when a rumor of a most alarming nature circulated with the celerity of wild-fire through the city of Florence. At first the report was received with contemptuous incredulity; but by degrees—as circumstances tended to confirm it—as affrighted peasants came flying into the town from their country homes, bearing the dread tidings, the degenerate and voluptuous Florentines gave way to all the terrors which, in such cases, were too well adapted to fill the hearts of an emasculated people with dismay.

The cause of this unrest is news that the Ottoman army has arrived. Demetrius runs away, deducing that the Grand Vizier Ibrahim has learnt of his trechery; while Nisida is “perfectly astounded”. The public mood improves, however, when the Ottomans turn out to have peaceful intentions.

Francisco himself wonders if there is some connection between this development and the rescue of Flroa promised by Wagner — but since he doesn’t know that Ibrahim is Flora’s brother, he can’t quite piece together the puzzle. The Ottomans succeed in rescuing Flora and her aunt, and the two are finally reunited with their long-lost kinsman Ibrahim.

Right, I’ve been blogging this book for a full half-year now, and I’ve still got two chapters left. See you next week…

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