Sentinel Goes to Newtopia


The crew behind Sentinel comic are good people, and I’ve had the pleasure of plugging their work before. Now the tenth issue of their comic is being crowdfunded. Regular writer Alan Holloway has dreamt up another done-in-one story, this time drawn by artist Dave Metcalfe-Carr, taking us to a futuristic Earth that’s been visited by aliens (who weren’t entirely impressed with what they found).

The story in question starts out looking like a gritty cyberpunk thriller: “Newtopia 2059. The problem with a city built on the ashes of another is that you find the stench remains.” As things progress, though, it starts heading in a sillier direction, with a thick layer of humour accompanying the twisty-turny excitement. The Jaime Hernandez-esque artwork fits the mood.

The issue isn’t out yet (I based this post on a preview PDF) but if you’re interested, you can chip into the Kickstarter!

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