Midnight Widows Reviewed at Daredevils & Warriors


Daredevils & Warriors has become the latest blog to review Midnight Widows, the comic series I’m writing. Here’s what reviewer Alister has to say about the first two issues:

The book has a webcomic feel with a cartoonish and manga influenced art style. This serves to lighten the horror element and whilst there are plenty of jugular veins being tapped it is not too graphic. Overall the area most heavily explored is the fetishistic side of vampirism. The three vampire ladies don’t all adhere to vampire or human body shape clichés and have sexy times with various handsome humans and each other.

Midnight Widows doesn’t take itself too seriously and should appeal to the webcomic crowd as well as the Whitby visiting goth contingent. The pace of the book is good and it doesn’t waste too much time with exposition. When death, immortality and sex are your themes coming up with compelling imagery is not a problem and boredom is not something that will trouble the reader.

For more on Midnight Widows, and details on how to obtain the first two issues of the comic, take a look at the official page

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