Starting Next Week: 2021 Splatterpunk Award Reviews

If you’re a longtime follower of this blog, you’ll know that I have an annual tradition of reviewing every single work nominated for KillerCon Austin’s Splatterpunk Awards.

I started back in 2018, when I covered the inaugural Splats at WWAC (part 1part 2part 3). In 2019 I moved to Horror After Dark, which is now closed although my reviews are still available to read at (short storiesnovellascollectionsanthologies and novels). In 2020 I moved the coverage to my own blog, and that’s where it’ll be staying for this year.

So, over the next few months this blog will be awash with all manner of out-and-out literary depravity. You’re free to take that as either a warning or a promise, depending on the constitution of your stomach.

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