WWAC Patreon Exclusives…

Anyone who follows this blog will know that I’m a regular contributor to Women Write About Comics. If you enjoy my writing or that of the site’s other contributors, then perhaps you can consider donating to the WWAC Patreon. in return, you’ll gain access to an exclusive article every month.

The WWAC Patreon exclusives are a fairly recent addition to our output, having been introduced in 2019, but already they’ve come to include a substantial body of comic criticism and scholarship: my latest piece weighs in at over 6000 words, and that’s just to start with.

All of the exclusive articles have free previews on the main site, so you can take a look before you commit to paying. Here are some samples of the articles I’ve written:

if you sign up you’ll also be getting exclusive articles from other WWAC contributors, discussing Marvel, manga, Transformers and more:

If any of this strikes your interest, and if you’d like similar material delivered your way every month in exchange for a small regular donation, then head on over to the WWAC Patreon!

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