OUT NOW: I is for Internet, Featuring Hackergirl

I is for Internet, the latest horror anthology from Red Cape Publishing, is out now! My story Hackergirl is one of the thirteen tales of weirdness on the web that will be yours to read when you pick up a copy. If you enjoy the anthology, I and everyone else involved would very much appreciate it if you left a rating at Amazon, Goodreads or the outlet of your choice.

Official synopsis:

I is for Internet, the ninth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a collection of thirteen unsettling tales from some of the most imaginative independent horror writers on the scene today. Each story takes a new look at the potential horrors of the online world, from stalkers to cyber-demons, artificial intelligence to predators. I is for Internet will plug you straight into the mainframe and have you desperate to pull the plug.

Complete contents:

  • Best Life by Astrid Addams
  • Brimstone in the Mainframe by R. S. Pyne
  • Ctrl/Alt/Del by Donovan Smith
  • Facebook Friends by Steven Streeter
  • Hackergirl by Doris V. Sutherland
  • Hey CEDric, Help! by Heidi Hunter
  • Masks by Carlton Herzog
  • My Hero by Al Hagan
  • The Pretty Girls by Tim O’Neal
  • The Original Carrie by R. C. Capasso
  • Simmer by D. C. Hill
  • Watched by Shannon Lawrence
  • When I Find the Courage by Robb White

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