Sentinel Issue 7

I’ve already covered the six published issues of retro-80s indie comic Sentinel (here, here and here) but the lovely people behind it also sent me a preview PDF of the next issue.

After a run of self-contained stories, issue 7 sees the return of the two characters from the first issue: a grizzled spacefaring hero and his small furry friend. I’ve noticed a distinct Ray Harryhausen influence on some of the past stories, and this comes to the fore when the two unlikely protagonists arrive on a world populated by thinly-veiled versions of the Greek mythological creatures so famously rendered in Dynamation. Creators Alan Holloway and Ed Doyle clearly have great fun pitting their heroes against the stop-motion monsters while also continuing the narrative from the first issue.

It’s a good romp, and if you’d like to help it see publication, the Kickstarter still has two weeks to go…

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