Werewolf Wednesday: Jekyll and Wolf

My weekly Killer Horror Critic series on the history of werewolf cinema is back with another Paul Naschy vehicle: Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman

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Samuel Collingwood Smith vs Jason Sanford: Right Wing SF/F Goes Full Mary Whitehouse

I’ve long had the impression that, for all of the bluster about triggering snowflakes and smashing safe spaces, a lot of the people involved with right-wing SF/F are – at the end of the day – just as prone to pearl-clutching as Mary Whitehouse, the notorious British moral activist who campaigned against everything from Doctor Who to 1980s zombie films. Today I came across a good example of this courtesy of Samuel Collingwood Smith, a blogger also known under the pseudonym of “Matthew Hopkins”, who has just posted an utterly laughable attack on author Jason Sanford.

For context, Jason Sanford has been under attack from various right-wing SF/F authors since last month over his blog post documenting violent rhetoric at the official forum of publisher Baen. I’m planning to cover that controversy in more detail in a later post; for now, suffice to say that a number of bloggers have tried a variety of tricks to discredit him. The latest trick is to attack Sanford through his fiction, described by Samuel Collingwood Smith as “offensive, depraved and vile”.

So, what exactly are these “offensive, depraved and vile” stories that Sanford has allegedly written? I decided to take a look.

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