How I Spent January 2021

I’ll have to admit, the month’s been pretty good to me so far. Some of my projects are either finished off or nearing completion – I’ve had the final post in my book-length series on the work of Charlee Jacob published, to start with. I’ve also got some new work to get started on: in particular, I’ve finally reeled in a professional writing gig I’ve been angling after for a while now. I’m not in a position to go into detail publicly, but suffice to say that this time next year I should have a new book out.

I’m very happy with how Midnight Widows issue 2 is progressing, too. Marcel Hauptvogelova is finishing off the cover as I write these words.
Right, I’d best get cracking on my projects for February. See you then, beloved readers…

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:


Article topics for February and beyond:

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