Top Posts of 2020

With the new year started, I couldn’t resist taking a look at my stats to see which were the most-viewed posts from 2020…

The Continued Weaponisation of Marion Zimmer Bradley: An assessment of how certain right-wingers in the SF/F world were cynically using a child molestation scandal to win points in online arguments.

The History of the Dullahan in Irish Folklore: I noticed that online sources on this folkloric creature were poor quality, so I decided to conduct some research of my own. Pleased to see that people apparently enjoyed reading my findings.

What is the Horror Canon? At the time, there was a debate going on about the science fiction canon. I decided to shift genres.

More on the Dullahan in Irish Folklore: A follow-up to my earlier post on this folkloric beastie.

“Dune Song” by Suyi Davies Okungbowa (Ignyte Award review): I’m not sure why, out of all the Ignyte Award-nominated stories I reviewed, this one made it into the year’s top 15 posts. Possibly something to do with buzz surrounding the author’s other works.

Various States of Decay by Matt Hayward (Splatterpunk Award review): My coverage of the Splatterpunk Awards is well-represented in the top 15. This one appears to received the most hits for the regrettable reason that the author was outed as a harasser at around the same time I posted the review.

The Unexplained Revisited: Kirlian Photography: Hmm, that reminds me – I should really get back todoing my Unexplained Revisited series…

June 2020: A Month in Horror: This was the only one of my monthly genre round-ups to make the top 15 posts, presumably because I covered some particularly controversial events (including, again, the Matt Hayward affair)

The New Flesh (Splatterpunk Award review)
Congratulations to the 2020 Splatterpunk Award Winners!
Reception by Kenzie Jennings (Splatterpunk Award review): Three posts confirming that my Splatterpunk Awards coverage constitutes the most widely-read series on my blog in 2020. Won’t be long before I’m covering the 2021 Splats…

Folklore Studies Gone Wrong: S. A. Swaffington’s The Supernatural World of the Anglo-Saxons: Oh yeah, this. The book was so horrible I couldn’t resist tearing it to bits.

Monsterville: Universal Monsters do Town Management Simulation: A review of a game I bought second hand in the brief pre-pandemic period of 2020. Guess the game has fans.

The First of the Cartoon Vampires? This was a post where I looked into a very niche (but nonetheless intriguing, to myself at least) topic. Looks like a few other people found it interesting.

Chick Tracts vs Transgender: Yeah, well, there’s always an audience for a Chick tract take-down.

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