How I Spent October 2020

I spent October immersing myself in the horror genre. Well, okay, that’s something I do every month, but the pumpkin period is always a little different because a much larger chunk of my social media circle is doing the same and I look like a little less of a weirdo. Plus, the month saw me finish off some substantial pieces of horror-related blogging.

Which leaves me feeling free and breezy, really. Save for a few bits and pieces, my writing for the year is done, and I’ve got the time to focus on some long-gestating projects. I’m planning to spend the remaining two months of 2020 pushing Thoughts and Fears to gestation, making a dent in Monster Hunters, Dinosaur Lovers and boosting the wordcount of my novel.

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for November and beyond:

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