Thoughts and Fears Progress Report

I’ve decided to spend the final months of 2020 knuckling down on a few projects in particular, and one of these is my book Thoughts and Fears: Essays on Horror and Culture. I haven’t yet pinned down all of the topics I’ll be writing about, but at this point, I can confirm that the essays in the book will include…

  • Lost Boys and Girls Next Door: Jack Ketchum on Film
  • Fascist Ghosts: Racism and the Far Right in British Horror
  • The Life and Times of Countess Zaleska, Dracula’s Daughter
  • I Was a Teenage Stanist: My Immortal, The Last Resurrection and Millenial Adolescence
  • Wary in Wonderland: Christina Henry’s Alice and Red Queen
  • Cartoon Nightmares: Creepypasta, Elsagate and Pup Culture Horror Online
  • Corpses in Cottingley: The Folk Horror of Alison Littlewood
  • Fish Fingered: The Sex Life of the Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Jack Chick’s Unhappy Halloween
  • Poltergeist Girls: Hauntings, Possession and Coming of Age
  • Streets Blue and Red: The Vampire Comics of Nancy A. Collins
  • Giving Cthulhu Forty Whacks: Cherie Priest’s The Borden Dispatches

If any of that piques your curiosity, then perhaps you could help fund the book with a donation via Ko-Fi or Patreon!

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