Congrats to the Inaugural Ignyte Award Finalists!


There’s a new SFF award in town this year — the Ignye Award, presented by Fiyahcon. The inaugural ballot of finalists has just been published; the nominees are curated, while the winner will be decided by a public vote.

My initial takeaways:

  • Quite a bit of overlap with the Hugos and Nebukas in terms of short fiction, but not in Best Novel (Gods of Jade and Shadow was a Nebula finalist, and that’s it)
  • The appriach to nonfiction is interesting, with three categories: the Critic Award, Creative Nonfiction (includes two books, two essays and a podcast) and the Community Award for Outstanding Efforts in Service of Inclusion and Equitable Practice in Genre (includes three individuals, a writing course and a nagazine)
  • The comics category is framed as “best comics team”. I think this is the first time I’ve seen that done.

Well, hopefully I’ll have time to take a closer look at the finalists in due course…

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