Omega Factor: Divinity Reviews are Coming In…


I’m happy to say that so far, my Omega Factor novel Divinity has been going down pretty well with fans of the original 1979 TV series. First off, Rich Cross of Cultbox calls the novel a worthy continuation of the saga:

Doris V Sutherland’s novel conjures up the world of The Omega Factor very recognisably, and her realisation of the show’s main players is on point. The guest characters of her story are also convincingly sketched, and the shifts in focus between the different time zones are well handled.

Meanwhile, Liam Rudden of Edinburgh News goes for Divinity as his audiobook of choice during trips through the eeriest stretches of Scotland’s capital:

As much of the original series featured locations in and around the Old Town – looking somewhat more dilapidated back then – it seemed Divinity was the ideal companion to accompany me as I rediscovered the Royal Mile. Despite the latest investigation not being set in Edinburgh, it certainly added an extra dimension to the drama as I explored the shadowy closes and pends, some I had never ventured down before.

If you want to hear the novel for yourself, as read by the wonderful Louise Jameson, you can purchase it at the Big Finish website.

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