My Novel The Omega Factor: Divinity is Out Now!

2020-07-14 12.53.34My tie-in novel for the vintage paranormal investigation series The Omega Factor is now available for you to buy! I was given the opportunity to explore events that happened before the main plot of the series took place, and I’d say that the resulting story will be accessible even to those unfamiliar with the show — although if you haven’t seen it, then I’d recommend digging out a DVD for full enjoyment.

Here’s the official synopsis:

When Tom Crane is sent to the sleepy village of Coldad to investigate a poltergeist, he expects to uncover nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Then the terrified Wright family invite him to spend the night in their haunted house, and he gets to experience the unsettling phenomenon at a closer range than he might have liked.

The investigation takes an even more personal turn when Anne Reynolds turns up an old interview, hidden on a dusty cassette in the Department’s archives.

Who was Margaret Grange, and why was Department 7 so interested in her life story? And could Coldad have a sinister connection with Edward Drexel, the evil magician who killed Tom’s wife?

You can also find out more about the book in this issue of the Big Finish magazine.

The Omega Factor: Divinity is available in audiobook-only format, narrated by series star Louise Jameson.

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