Devil’s Advocates: The Mummy is Now on Kindle!

deviladmummycoverI’m happy to say that my Devil’s Advocates book on The Mummy, which came out  several months ago as a paper-back only release, is now available on Kindle! So, if you’re a reader who prefers your books in digital form, now’s your chance to lap up my analysis of the classic 1932 Universal film and the literature that inspired it. The ebook can be purchased at Amazon US, Amazon UK, or whatever outlet suits your locality.

If you need encouragement, then just listen to what John Upton of Frightfest has to say about my book:

There’s not much serious critical attention given to this film elsewhere, but honestly it’s not now needed as Sutherland really covers everything that you could possibly want to know… this book is definitely worth a look for horror cinema fans and will likely give you a new-found appreciation for the bandaged black sheep of the monster family.

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