How I Spent April 2020


Last month I mentioned that I was relatively fortunate in that so far I’d been able to adapt to the new normal without much disruption to my personal life. Well, the same applies to the first full month of lockdown. While I’ve been cooped up indoors, I’ve been able to make use of my additional free time to work on creative projects.

My novel’s nearly at the 40,000-word mark, I’ve been tweaking the second issue of Midnight Widows with Marcela and Jio (although they’ve been doing most of the work, I should stress) and talked over a round of revisions with the editor of my TV tie-in book (should be able to properly announce that very soon). I’ve also got started on a couple of annual traditions of mine: review series for the Hugos and Splatterpunk Awards. Hopefully I’ll be able to get each of them running in May.

Until then… adieu!

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for May and beyond:


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