Of Laptops and Libraries

I have a PC laptop; it’s where I do my writing when I’m at home. But it has a catch — a pretty big one. Long story short, it can’t connect to the Internet, and hasn’t been able to for several years now. I have a tablet, which I use for browsing the web, but it’s basically useless for writing on.

Now, that’s not the best home set-up for someone who writes online. Which is why, for some time, I’ve been reliant on libraries to get work done. But a short while ago it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to rely on those libraries much longer.

I’ve splashed out on a nice, affordable laptop, one with a functional web connection. It arrived yesterday and I’m writing this very post with it. It’s doing the job, but I have to say, I miss the library.

Libraries are far from the only areas hit by the coronavirus, of course. But speaking purely in terms of personal experience, their loss is the one that has so far hit me the hardest.

Libraries are important, for many reasons. I can only hope that, when all of this is over, they are able to recover.


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