Thoughts and Fears: Progress Report

A couple of months ago I posted about how I was working on an essay collection called Thoughts and Fears: Essays on Horror and Culture, mixing revised versions of blog posts alongside all-new work. Since then — as well as proofreading and formatting some of my older articles — I’ve finished a draft of the first new essay, which discusses Christina Henry’s Alice and Red Queen and muses about our culture’s wider fondness for retelling Alice in Wonderland as a horror story.

I’ve also started another new essay (provisionally entitled “The Sex Life of the Creature from the Black Lagoon”) and got stuck into heavily revising a particular article from years ago — so heavily, indeed, that it might as well be considered a new piece. For a start, it now contains a lengthy section on one of the most notorious pieces of vampire literature ever to be uploaded to…

So, things are going smoothly right now. But somewhere down the line there’ll come a point where I have to start splashing out money before Thoughts and Fears can become a reality. If the project sounds appealing to you, perhaps you’ll consider popping in a quick donation through Patreon or Ko-Fi. If you do, you’ll get a PDF copy of the comic I wrote, Midnight Widows issue 1 (which, incidentally, now has its own Twitter account!)

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