How I Spent January 2020

DorisJan20This year, I’m making an effort to step up my organisational skills. I set myself a to-do list for January, and lo and behold, I’ve fulfilled my duty. I can look back at the items on that list and — with my hands on my hips and my jaw cocked at a confident angle — say, “I’ve done all ten of you.”

So, that’s the first original essay for Thoughts and Fears done; another chunk of my novel polished off; a draft completed for a new short story; and a few other bits and pieces, including the latest posts in my Charlee Jacob and Amazing Stories retrospectives. Not a bad month, all in all.

And I’ve sorted out another list for February. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’d better get going…

Articles of mine posted elsewhere this month:

Article topics for February and beyond:


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