Midnight Widows Offer for 2020


Here’s an offer that’s going to be running throughout 2020: if you donate to me via Patreon or Ko-Fi this year, no matter how large or small the amount, you’ll get a PDF copy of Midnight Widows Issue 1, the vampire comic I put together with Marcela Hauptvogelova, Rosie Wigg and Delia Mihai.

The story:

When the Count was slain, his brides were freed. Edith, Kateryna and Gabriela were once the brides of Dracula. No longer confined to the castle of their groom, they are free to travel from nineteenth century Transylvania to twenty-first century London.

And now, a new threat has made itself known. Some of Britain’s most notorious serial killers have come back from the dead to resume their murderous careers. Who resurrected them, and why? Only the Midnight Widows stand a chance of finding out…

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