Clear History: Review Round-Up!


The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 5: Buried Memories has been out for a little over a month now, and I decided to do some surfing to see how my story Clear History went down with the Whovian creew…

“Doris V Sutherland’s story deals with the implications of changing and editing history, and how its narrative can impact society, [with] a satisfying sci-fi explanation” says Ian McArdell at Cultbox!

“Sutherland has interesting things to say about memories and how they work” says Paul Simpson at Sci-Fi Bulletin!

“‘Clear History’ is made far more resonant by the fact that current world affairs also see the truth being stretched… [the story] allows Warner, Summerfield, and the supporting cast an opportunity to shine and again unfolds at a great pace” says Kyle at Doctor Who Reviews!

“[T]he central message is extremely timely” says Raissa Devereux at SciFi Pulse!

“Sutherland gives [the characters] strong backstories that make them incredible likable” says Daniel Mansfield at Who ReVIEW!

“[N]o one has done what this story does. It has not only a really cool sci-fi idea, but as with the best stories it has an amazing human drama at its centre” says Doctor Squee at Krypton Radio!

Phew — looks like I did okay with my debut as a Big Finish scriptwriter. If you want the boxset (which also features lovely stories by Alyson Leeds, April McCaffrey and Lani Woodward) then you can order it as a CD or digital download at the official Big Finish website.

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