How I Spent June 2019

DorisJune19Well, naturally, the big thing this month was launching the Midnight Widows Indiegogo campaign. That’s something that’s occupying much of my mine right now, and will presumably do so for most of the next month. And before I launched it a few days ago, my mind was occupied with setting up the campaign in the first place. So, yeah. For me, this was the month of launching the Midnight Widows campaign, and I’m currently writing with a stomach full of butterflies.

Hmm. Looking over my blog, I notice that this was also the month that my first Doctor Who audio for Big Finish was announced. Was it really that recent? Crikey. Time and space really have been distorting for me in June.

Well, anyway. I hope that you’ll consider donating to my campaign, or pre-ordering the Doctor Who boxset, or perhaps even both!

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for July and beyond:


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