Midnight Widows Progress Report: June 2019


This is in all likelihood the final update I will make about Midnight Widows before the comic’s crowdfunding campaign goes live. Right now, all of the pieces are in place; all I need is to do is to sort out a schedule while perusing some “how to crowdfund” guides.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped me to reach this point: Marcela Hauptvogelova, the main artist on the series; Rosie Wigg, co-artist on issue 1; Jio Butler, who will be joining as colourist with issue 2; Delia Mihai, who provided the cover illustration you see above; and the latest member of our crew, Lyndon White, who provided our stylish new title graphic. He’s been working on some comics of his own, so check out his website here.

I currently plan to launch the campaign next week. So, watch this space, and I hope you’ll consider helping me to make 2019 the year of the Midnight Widows.

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