ANNOUNCEMENT: My First Doctor Who Audio Drama!


This September, Big Finish will release The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume Five: Buried Memories, starring Lisa Bowerman as erstwhile Doctor Who companion Benny Summerfield and David Warner as an alternate-universe version of the Doctor. I’m proud to say that I scripted one of its episodes, having previously written a short story about Benny in last year’s anthology Bernice Summerfield: In Time.

I had the pleasure of working alongside James Goss and Una McCormack, who helped to get my script shipshape, and I hope that Big Finish’s audience enjoys the story.

Incidentally, David Warner’s Evil Genius in Time Bandits was one of my favourite film villains as a young’un, and I can remember drawing a comic strip called Ralph the Warrior which had an unabashed knockoff of the character as its main villain. I doubt anyone would have recognised him as such, given that my caricaturing skills were pretty rotten at age 7, but in my head that dude was David Warner through and through. So, I suppose you could say that in being given the opportunity to write a script for the David Warner, I’ve managed to fulfill a childhood dream…

Well, anyway. The boxset will have four episodes, and I’ll have the pleasure of joining Alyson Leeds, April McCaffrey and Lani Woodward on the writing team. They’re all newcomers to the studio as well, so give them all a big hand. Here are the official synopses:

 1. Pride of the Lampian by Alyson Leeds
Bernice Summerfield finds the last relic of a lost civilisation. One that the Doctor is worried may never have existed.

2. Clear History by Doris V Sutherland
The people of Civitas-G have retreated into an idyllic recreation of their homeworld. And they’re refusing to believe that it is now breaking down.

3. Dead and Breakfast by April McCaffrey
Bernice and the Doctor are trapped on a planet where people who are unusual have a habit of dying. They’re in trouble.

4. Burrowed Time by Lani Woodward
Centuries ago the Byrinthians were wiped out. Apart from one underground train which is still travelling the tunnels of this long-dead world. With a passenger on board.

2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: My First Doctor Who Audio Drama!”

  1. Hey Doris,
    Bloody congratulations! Despite being a big fan of BF’s work through the years, I’ve not yet delved into the rabbit hole of Bernice Summerfield but now I am certainly tempted. Love to see an authorial line-up like this and will be following your work, alongside the three others, with a keen eye and a smile!
    Keep doing what you’re doing mate (we’ve not met before but I can call you ‘mate’ can’t I?)!

    Sincerely, Tom 😀


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