How I Spent February 2019

DorisFeb19As I type, springtime is making its welcome arrival, I’m in early-but-promising talks about a new professional project and I’m in a good mood all round. This is despite the fact that I’ve been immersing myself in book after book of unrelenting depravity.

Why? Well, the Splatterpunk Awards are in town again! Like last year, I’ve decided to read and review every single finalist on the ballot. In the process, I’ve built myself a not-inconsiderable to-be-read pile, hewn entirely from the lowest impulses of humanity.

In other news, I’m still preparing the crowdfunding campaign for Midnight Widows. Right now I’m getting started on the promotional video, my friend (and fellow Horror Honey alumna) Kim having been nice enough to provide a voiceover. The campaign is still on track to go live this spring.

Articles published elsewhere this month:

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Article topics for March and beyond:


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