How I Spent August 2018

DorisAug18For me, August has been a month of travelling. Not to anywhere far-flung; I’ve been making do with the traditional English seaside destinations and the like, checking out second-hand bookshops across the county for paperback horrors and at one point getting utterly lost in a rather nice wooded area that I somehow found hard to appreciate when enduring Blair Witch scenarios of walking past the same wooden bench for the sixth time.

I took a bit of a break from my writing along the way, but I’m ready to begin in earnest again next month. And boy, do I have stuff to begin in earnest with. I’ve got the draft for a book due by the end of September, and I’m determined to finish it. I’m also in early talks about a new, thoroughly awesome project that I can’t talk about just yet that I should be working on at the same time.

Best get cracking, then…

Articles published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for September and beyond:


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