How I Spent June 2018

DorisReadingWell, first off, a word about next month: I’m going to be reviewing the Hugo Award finalists, along with the contenders for the inaugural Splatterpunk Awards. This means that I spent a good chunk of this month cramming for the occasion.

Other than that, well, England has finally found itself bathed in the glorious golden sun of Summer, and I’ve taken the opportunity to head out and bask. I’ve been trying to achieve a workable balance between going outside and basking, and heading back to the library to cram.

To top things off, I’m still moving on with my comic, Midnight Widows. Right now I’m looking for a colourist, and when I’ve found a suitable individual, the Kickstarter should be following soon after…

Articles published elsewhere this month:

…er, yeah, that’s it for June, mainly because the June issue of Belladonna has been delayed. But between that and my Hugo/Splatterpunk coverage, the dam will most certainly be breaking next month.

Article topics for July and beyond:


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