Announcement: I’m Writing for Bernice Summerfield!

bsumbk30ab_intime_1417_cover_largeI’m positively giddy to announce that I’m the winner of the Big Finish/Time Ladies contest to write a story for the upcoming anthology Bernice Summerfield: In Time.

For those unfamiliar with her, Bernice Summerfield is a character created for Virgin’s Doctor Who novels in the 1990s before getting her own spin-offs in both prose and audio. She’s an archaeologist of the future, although my story takes place in her younger days as a teenage military cadet who has yet to find her true calling.

In Time will feature contributions from James Goss, Mark Clapham, Dave Stone, Victoria Simpson, Antonio Rastelli, Simon Guerrier and Peter Anghelides, with Xanna Eve Chown editing. Lisa Bowerman, who plays Bernice in her audio adventures, will read the audiobook. It’ll be available for your perusal this December. I’m proud to be joining a pretty awesome team of people all round.

Bar unexpected developments between now and December, my story for Bernice Summerfield: In Time will mark my debut as a published fiction author. It’s a step up that I’m very excited about, and I’d like to offer my sincerest gratitude to Big Finish for choosing me.


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