Belladonna: January/February 2018 Issue Out Now!

DWXKrsBUMAIDYRZSay hello to 2018’s first issue of the now-bimonthly Belladonna magazine!

The Horror Honeys have another round of goodness for all our readers. Some of the treats on offer: Slasher Honey Chass inspects Inhuman Resources and makes a date with; Musical Horror Honey Stella tunes into American Satan; and indie filmmaker BJ Colangelo reveals all in an interview.

These are just the starters. The main course this time is a celebration of haunted houses in all forms of horror fiction.

Supernatural Honey Kim shines her torch around Insidious: The Last Key; Classics Honey Samantha revisits House on Haunted Hill; Head Honey LinnieSarah explores Criterion’s restoration of Rebecca; Zombie Honey Bella enrols in Eerie Elementary: The School is Alive; Supernatural Honey Kim takes us on a tour of lesser-known haunted house films; Monster Honey Sarah looks at how Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black flitted from prose to film; Zombie Honey Bella goes gaming with Anatomy; and…

…phew, there’s more besides, but I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now. We may be producing half as many issues, but we’re not settling for half the content.


Me? I’m checking out the latest incarnations of Batwoman and Vampirella, celebrating the macabre manga of Junji Ito, and joining in with the household spookiness with a look back at Marvel’s Haunted Mansion comic. I’ve also contributed a comic of my own; since Midnight Widows is on hiatus, meet my new heroine: Pale Horse Polly!


So, if you want to give the mag a shot, you can pick it up at either the official website or at MagCloud.



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