How I Spent January 2018

DorisJanuary18Goodbye to the first twelfth of the year…

I spent a good chunk of this month cracking on with Midnight Widows. I’ve been inking Marcela’s lovely pencils for issue 2, and overseeing some early work on issue 3. I’ve also got started on the trailer to accompany the crowdfunding campaign, which should – if all goes to plan – start during the first half of this year. The Widows are coming!

On top of that, I’ve also been working through a pile of writing. Monster Hunters, Dinosaur Lovers is still taking shape (first chapter draft! Weee!) and another sizeable project has finally ended up on my to-do list after a period of uncertainty. I’ve been working on a number of articles, which’ll be seeing publication in February, and I have some more to come after that as the year unfolds.

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

…yeah. Pretty slim pickings, but like I say, I have a bumper crop coming next month. Honest, guv.

Writing topics for February and beyond:


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