How I Spent December 2017

DorisDecemberWell, it was a quiet month as far as blogging was concerned. I ended up taking a bit of a break as the festive season thrust its tinsel into my face and sang Cliff Richard numbers.

As I type, I have a whole load of emotions in my head, all jammed against each other as they try and jostle their way to the top. I’m picturing them as those Plasticine worms from Trapdoor. I’m also having a had time disentangling them. There are some definite anxieties about the future in there, but they’re competing with personal optimism.

Next year I’ll be knuckling down on my personal projects. The big one will be my comic, Midnight Widows. The first issue’s worth of content has already been serialised in Belladonna magazine, and I plan to start a crowdfunding drive in 2018 that’ll cover both a proper print run for issue #1 and also the creation and publication of issues #2 and #3. Wish me luck!

On top of that, I’m also working on Monster Hunters, Dinosaur Lovers: Speculative Fiction in the Culture War, my non-fiction book about the stories caught up in the Hugos/Sad Puppies kerfuffle between 2013 and 2016.

Lately I’ve been letting these projects cut into my blogging time. I’d like to get a better balance, and spend a bit more time getting my writing out there on the Internet while my long-haul projects are going on in the background. Well, that’s my New Year’s resolution…

Articles posted elsewhere this month:

Article topics for January and beyond:


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