How I Spent October 2017

DorisOctoberI have a ritual for every October. Each day of the month I watch one horror film and read one horror story. This year was no exception, and I spent the month revisiting some of my old favourites and catching up on a few new releases (hello, Mother, It, The Ritual and Happy Death Day! I dug all of you, each in a somewhat different way.)

My other tradition is to knock out a number of blog posts about the horror genre. Silent films! Creepypasta! Contemporary folk horror! I made my stab at all of those, I did.

Shout out to my fellow Horror Honeys. Halloweentime is our collective favourite time of year, and we always get a little bit excitable.

Now, I prepare to conclude this year’s ritual by watching The Wicker Man for the umpteenhundredth time, before November beckons and I get back to blogging abut old space operas again…

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for November and beyond:


4 thoughts on “How I Spent October 2017”

  1. Read your Lady Death piece. In retrospect I still kind of like Steven Hughes but not really any of the artists who followed (that I’ve seen), but I’m not sure if I’d want to get some of the early stuff again. Maybe if there was a big omnibus collection.
    Actually, after I saw you mentioning that you’d written about Lady Death, I had a dream that there was Essential/Showcase style reprints and whether or not I’d actually enjoy such a thing, the excitement remains. Some of the stories sound cool in synopsis.
    I really liked bad/good girl comics as a teenager but I don’t like most of them now. Which is a shame because there’s no real reason they should be bad comics.

    The article says that the images were courtesy of Coffin Comics, does that mean Pulido still owns all that stuff? I know that he no longer owns a lot of the Chaos characters, he had to revise later versions of Lady Death to deal with that and he even had to fight to keep Lady Death. There hasn’t been reprints of the Chaos versions since Chaos went away.

    Have you always read Lady Death? What are your thoughts on the way the stories and different versions evolved?

    Why does Lady Death want to get back to earth so much that she will destroy the human race? What did she plan to do on earth?


    1. Heya, thanks for dropping by. I’m afraid I haven’t read enough of her later incarnations to comment, but I’m hoping to dig out back issues as time goes by. And yes, Coffin Comics has the rights to Lady Death – while Dynamite, who own most (possibly all?) of the other Chaos characters, had to create a stand-in named Lady Hel.

      As for what she wants to do on Earth… be with her lover Evil Ernie, I suppose.


  2. But if Dynamite owns Evil Ernie then how were all those images in the article courtesy of Coffin Comics?
    It’s a shame this copyright issue presumably prevents reprints. I haven’t been following comics closely for a while but it doesn’t seem many of this sort of bad girl or extreme 90s comics have been reprinted.

    Do you have a favourite bad girl in comics, books or films? I’m curious about C Dean Andersson’s Hel trilogy.


    1. Well, I’m not closely involved with verifying the rights of the images used in the magazine, so I can’t comment. As for my favourite bad girl, well… I suppose I’ll have to be traditional and pick Lady Death 🙂


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