How I Spent September 2017

DorisSep17I find m6yself typing this post on a dodgy library co6mputer that keeps adding fi5ves,= sixes and equals signs to 6my words,= and instead of going through the hassle of fixing it=, I’m6 going to leav5e it as it is. BEHOLD THE TESTAMENT TO DODGY KEYBOARDS. (I notice that typing in all caps seem6s to sort it out. Huh.)

Anyway,= Septem6ber was another m6ellow m6onth for 6me. I spent it in m6y usual routine of reading=, writing, and going on weekly trips to the cinem6a (Detroit,= The Lim6ehosue Golem6,= Kingsm6an 2 and Lucky Logan). My 6main endeav5our has been getting started on preparing som6e horror-them6ed articles for October. I’5ve got a bu6mper crop co6ming along and no m6istake…

Articles published elsewhere this m6onth:

Article topics for October and beyond:


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