September 2017 Belladonna Issue Now Available!

BelladonnaSep17Do you smell something? Could it be the smell of some fresh, new Belladonna…?

Yes, there’s a new Belladonna issue out. This time around your humble Honeys discuss their favourite Final Girls and high school horror flicks; Monster Honey Sarah reviews Tragedy Girls; Guest Honey Nicole offers her take on the novels of Jeff Menapace; celebrates the recent Musical Horror Honey Brittany charts the curious history of Reefer Madness; Gamer Honey Jess plays Shadow Warrior; Head Honey LinnieSarah says goodbye to HBO’s The Leftovers and educates us on Kevin Costner’s erotic thrillers; (other) Head Honey Kat compares The Fifth Element to Luc Besson’s latest, Valerian; and multi-talented cover star Nowal “Goldie Goodnight” Massari submits to a Q&A session. And, of course, we celebrate the recent resurgence of creepy clowns with Classics Honey Samantha’s look at the Lon Chaney classic He Who Gets Slapped and Supernatural Honey Kim’s take on Clowntergeist. There’s still more besides!


Seriously, if there’s nothing here that appeals to you, you must be the illegitimate offspring of Fredric Wertham and Mary Whitehouse.

As always, my personal fiefdom is Belladonna‘s comics section. This month I’ve reviewed Natasha Alterici’s Heathen and the first title from the new Hammer line, The Mummy: Palimpsest.

Also on offer is the latest instalment of my comic Midnight Widows. This is actually a sad moment for me, as it marks the last instalment to be pencilled by the talented Rosie Wing, who is off for pastures new. Visit her on Patreon, Twitter or Facebook and wish her the best of luck for her future endeavours!


Spot the Easter egg reference to a famous silent horror film.

Inker-colourist Marcela Hauptvogelova is still on board, and starting next month I’ll be jamming with her to create more adventures for Edith, Kateryna and Gabriela.

So, if you want to check out the latest bloody bounty of Belladonna, head on over to the official website or to MagCloud to pick up your copy.

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