How I Spent May 2017

MaiaMay was a big month for me, mainly due to the long-awaited (by me, anyway) debut of my comic Midnight Widows in Belladonna magazine, a project that’s been knocking around my head in one form or another since I was a teenager reading 1970s books on horror films. Much gratitude is due to my fellow Horror Honeys for printing it, and to illustrators Rosie Wigg and Marcela Hauptvogelova for bringing my script to life.

Edith and her girls have been in their coffins for far too long: it was high time they were finally unleashed on the world. Here’s hoping that they’ll be having many adventures to come…

2017-05-13 18.58.12

One task I set myself this month was assembling a space opera reading list, stretching from the days of Doc Smith and Edmond Hamilton through to our new era of Yoon Ha Lee and Ann Leckie. I decided to do a deep dive into the genre as part of my research for Monster Hunters, Dinosaur Lovers, and the recent scuffle over the Tor blog was the perfect chance for me to collate a set of space opera recommendations from across the political spectrum. The result is a hefty list and no mistake, and I’m quite eager to get stuck into it when I have the time.

My trips to the cinema this month exposed me to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (yay!) Mindhorn (yay!) Alien: Covenant (could see what it was going for, but wasn’t entirely convinced) and Colossal (yay!) Off to see Wonder Woman tomorrow…

Articles of mine published elsewhere this month:

Article topics for June and beyond:


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