My Kind of an Afternoon

ThuviaMaidOver the weekend I went to a transgender talk that was taking place as part of an outdoors festival. While I was waiting for it to start, I kicked back in a deckchair and read Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Thuvia, Maid of Mars.

Halfway through a chapter I heard an excited voice: “I can’t believe you’re reading Thuvia, Maid of Mars!

I looked up. It was a middle-aged woman, wearing a festival volunteer t-shirt. She told me how she read the Barroom novels in the 70s, and was now in the process of re-reading them (on her Kindle, she said, so other people couldn’t see what she was reading – she was apparently a little more self-conscious about having the cover on view than I was).

We had a bit of a chat about how many books we each had left to read in the series, and how there was still the Venus series afterwards. then it was time for the talk to start, so I headed into the tent.

Transgender discourse and Edgar Rice Burroughs fandom. My kind of an afternoon.

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