May 2017 Belladonna Issue Now Available! Plus: Introducing MIDNIGHT WIDOWS!

C_uEriJUIAEPZuQThis month’s issue of Belladonna is a special bumper-sized edition to mark our anniversary at the Horror Honeys. Inside you will find interviews, reviews and lifestyle columns focused on the nooks and crannies of the horror genre. My own article contributions are a review of Stephen Murphy and Mike Hawthorne’s grsphic novel Umbra and an overview of the delicious rivalry between kids’ cartoons and religious fundamentalists.

But the big news from my corner is that, this month, Belladonna begins serialising Midnight Widows: a comic I created in collaboration with artists Rosie Wigg and Marcela Hauptvogelova.

2017-05-13 18.58.12

So, pick up Belladonna at Magcloud, Magzter or our official website (with anniversary discount) and meet the Widows!

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