How I Spent March 2017

MarsAside from an unfortunate incident when I slipped up on some mashed potato and bashed my knee on the pavement (first time for everything I s’pose) March wasn’t a bad month for me.

The comic’s been coming along okay; right now I’m tugging and tweaking at the first issue, which is mostly in the bag but not 100% satisfactory (current task: redrawing a character’s head so she’s not awkwardly staring at two people while they have a snog.) Still on track to have it taken to Kickstarter this year.

Been getting stuck into my attempts at prose fiction, too. Even if none of them are accepted by publishers, I’ll eventually have enough for a small-press collection of my own. Might pick up a few readers, who knows?

Films wot I did see: Hidden Figures, Moonlight, Logan, Get Out, The Viceroy’s House. Good movies all.

Finally, I’ve been beavering away on some articles to be published in April and beyond. Here are a few of the topics:


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